Our Story

Rivermaker: [noun]

1. one who makes stories flow
2. a strategic messaging consultancy
3. specializing in strategic narrative, messaging, positioning and storytelling

Rivermaker is led by Christy Miles, principal and founder. Christy is a marketing strategist and master storyteller with a unique blend of business acumen, technical aptitude and creative expertise.

The Rivermaker name was inspired by the Native American belief that all things in life are interconnected; mindfulness and respect are built into every interaction.

We love this. We aspire to this. 

We believe that business and creativity are interconnected. There is a mindfulness and respect baked into everything message and story we build.

We believe that strategic messaging is the foundation for more meaningful, thoughtful, authentic stories and conversations. Our approach empowers our clients to take the lead, make people think differently, and align their organization around a common vision and purpose to achieve success.