Rivermaker, a strategic messaging consultancy, empowers b2b organizations to articulate a clear vision and stories that support strategic business initiatives.

Business Minds with Creative Flair   

We take a business-minded approach to your initiative and apply time-tested, creative storytelling techniques to inspire response, motivate change and build connection.

With our strategic messaging, positioning, narrative and storytelling services, you can:

  • Articulate a new industry, market or business vision
  • Align your organization after a change event
  • Unify your organization with a new purpose
  • Position your business, solutions or categories in fresh, authentic ways
  • Identify the right story to penetrate new markets
  • Create new meaning and depth of understanding for initiatives, topics or events
  • Deliver truly differentiated messages and stories that resonate, strike the right emotional chord and are truly meaningful to your audience
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Our Story

Rivermaker is led by Christy Miles, founder/principal, marketing strategist and master storyteller. We partner with executive leadership teams and b2b organizations in fast-changing, highly technical and highly regulated industries to craft vision, messaging and stories that change everything.

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